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In health, Uncategorized on May 12, 2011 at 10:21 am

I not only survived, I conquered a 3 day cleanse. All juiced vegetables and fruits for 3 whole days! Why you ask? Well, I did it with my daughter ( as some of you faithful readers already know). A great mother daughter experience ( right up there with getting our noses done). No really this was a good in the memory bank experience . 3 days of wiping the produce section of the local super market out, veggies and fruits flying all over the kitchen, red juices all over the counters and constant whining. But more importantly constant encouragement, 3 days of working a plan . And a good healthy plan, together. Doesn’t get any better than that (unless of course we were shopping and eating). Just kidding.

Now, where as my daughter was doing it to continue on her journey to be her best self (and as a mother I encourage that) and not as a diet ( I don’t encourage that). And btw she can’t afford to lose another inch and my mother who believes a woman should have “a little something on her” would not be happy about this “fat girl in a skinny girl’s body” or “being my best self” thing going on here. I encourage healthy eating habits , exercise and getting in touch with your body.

I, on the other hand already know all of that stuff and am flat out trying to shed these extra pounds that actually don’t belong to me! I am (like my girlfriend says) “bringing sexy back” (lucky for me sexy it’s just around the corner and not all the way down the block or in another town). And when my husband went to the store to get replacement fruits and veggies (he never goes to the store couldn’t find the kale because he didn’t know what raw kale looked like) and followed our instruction not to eat in our home for 3 days I knew then he was all about supporting this healthy, bonding, mother daughter thing but was certainly down with “bringing sexy back”! Now don’t get him wrong he loves me just the way I am, but what man doesn’t like a little excitement like the new bathing suit I’ll be wearing while on the beach with him? Or the new slinky little number I’ll let him take me to dinner in? And the new Gucci bag I promised myself if I completed the cleanse (ok, he doesn’t see how that fits in but hey whatever motivates you).

Well, as I said we survived and conquered this thing. We feel good, look good and shed 5 lbs. We spent 3 days together in harmony with a single purpose. To be our best selves. To work together, to be in a healthy relationship with one another, to love, encourage and support each other, well that’s my defintion of “being our best selves.” And yes we are!

L’s Mom

  1. Love this! You guys did great! Especially after all the ice cream, pizza, and candy encounters you had Lo. I hope you feel as amazing as you look. Now, let’s see that new Gucci bag 🙂

  2. making this my status: “lucky for me sexy it’s just around the corner and not all the way down the block or in another town”…fantastic.


  3. You are so funny Mama Lola. You must blog more. Just so I can LOL.
    Proud of you two doing this together. It’s awesome. xo

  4. loveeeeee the other lola, which btw is always confusing on facebook, lol. CONGRATS ladies…i bet the fruits and veggies helped in the gassy area, too!! REGULARITY!!

  5. My fav: “Gucci bag I promised myself if I completed the cleanse (ok, he doesn’t see how that fits in but hey whatever motivates you).”

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