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goodbye boston

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When I was applying to graduate programs I was hesitant about Boston University because I didn’t want to leave New York for Boston.  When I decided on BU I remember telling myself, “you can live anywhere for a year.”

And now it has been 8 months and I can’t believe my stay in Boston has come and gone so quickly.

While I never thought jumping up and down on the couch with champagne in my hand while looking into the crowd for cute boys would get old, I have come to like my  new life. I miss New York but will now miss the quiet of Boston.  I have grown to be my biggest, strongest, fastest, best self in Boston and I attribute it to the quiet, to the time to think and evaluate what is most important.

I changed my diet (after I realized I had to unbutton my pants after every meal).  Everyone I encountered scoffed when I said I was doing Weight Watchers.  I admit it does seem a bit excessive for someone who is not, by definition, overweight.  But it was the best way for me to really consider what I was eating and to learn to how to treat my body better.

I started juicing.  And I love it.  I am not even turned off by the cleaning yet.  When I was little my friend’s mother made her and her brother to drink blue-green algae.  I was so thankful that our mother didn’t subject me and BJ to it.  And now I am the woman with a glass of thick green juice.

After a hiatus between 2000 and 2007 and then from 2008 to 2011 I started working out.  I dreaded it but signed up for Condition & Tone at the gym.  I pushed myself and am now going to miss Allison pushing me, especially in spinning.  I have finally chosen my body over my hair.

I have made a conscious decision to remove any unhealthy relationships from my life just like I removed the toxins from my body through diet and exercise.  I have practiced kindness and haven’t allowed any unkindness that I have been faced with the get me off track to be the best version of myself.

Everything is harder in the beginning and gets easier along the way.  All you have to do is decide to be your best self.  And everything else will follow. That is the #1 lesson I will take from Boston.

So long, Boston.  (I can’t believe I am saying this) I will miss you.  I will miss my friends the most:

1. eating family dinner with Gabby (and Clay)

2. having Gabby to motivate me at the gym (because I would have never gone if she hadn’t signed up with me)

3. reconnecting with Laura, who I had not spent time with since high school

4. meeting new friends to explore the city with: Tiffany introduced me to Daniel and James introduced me to Jenn and I am so glad I had them both

5. having 2 school friends to study with, complain to and show my crazy to knowing they wouldn’t judge me even though we’re new friends: Whitney and Verity and (my guidance counselor who I cannot make any decisions without) Divya

I will miss all of those things and:

1. shopping on Newbury

2. brunch in South End

3. lunch in Boston Common

4. studying at Boston Public Library

5. dinner in Little Italy

6. drinks at Liberty Hotel and Drink

7. watching Celtics with crazy Boston fans

8. finding all of the black people on Harvard-Yale Weekend (won’t miss getting kicked out of the club because black people = gang members)

9. day drinking on Marathon Monday

10. sunny days on BU Beach

Next adventure:


  1. YES!!!! Well done, well said, well written! Beautiful girl in a beautiful girl’s body!

  2. This is so cute! I’m going to miss you a lot next semester. Still so crazy to me that we were in school together but I loved it (even when I had to listen to all of your craziness). Even though I did two years at BU without you, it’s going to be weird to have to do the last one alone all over again 😦 Have fun in London!!!! Love youzz 🙂

  3. Very heart felt. #youdidgood

  4. Hey Lola, I can’t believe you are leaving Boston and finishing the program so soon! Wish you a journey in London! Have fun!

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