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founder’s day: where would i be without spelman?

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I am ashamed to say that I don’t know the Spelman Hymn. It is absolutely shameful. And until now, the only person who knew was Tiffany. We had to memorize it during orientation before freshman year but somehow I never really did (I hummed when I got to the parts I didn’t know). When my sisters held hands and sang it at the Founder’s Day brunch I remembered why I love Spelman. Theses are my Top 10 Spelman Memories:

10: Spelbound: knowing my best friends before school started.

9: Freshman Orientation: walking under the arch, saying my name in Sister’s Chapel, Olive Branch.

8: The caf: staying in there with 10 girls from breakfast to lunch singing along to the songs in rotation.

7:  Market Friday and Beer Bashes: seeing Daria and Tiffany hanging out of their windows, screaming at everyone who walked by.

6: The Strip: eating grilled cheeses from Steagal’s never got old.

5: Party Shuttle: almost getting run over with Saida (was probably my last time on the shuttle).

4. Homecoming Freshman Year (in the parking lot, which is no longer there): drinking out of a red cup all day. I’m pretty sure I had to take a nap on Daria’s floor after and she gave me milk (out of her forbidden refrigerator).

3. The gate: seeing who is getting dropped off and picked up, sitting in the car outside of Manley with Tiffany waiting to catch a girlfriend with her secret lover.

2. Miss Maroon and White: witnessing Saida’s transformation to beauty queen.

1. Class Day: running and screaming under the arch with the same girls I came in with

Honorable Mentions:

  • Cramming into the car and singing Akinyele on stage with Tiffany our first night out after getting our keys. Where was that party? (I was wearing a neon shirt).
  • Eating birthday cake at 3 am until the sound of bb guns ended the party at Mimi and Percy’s house.
  • Escaping with Tosha Key after overhearing the word “rope” late night after Studio Central.
  • Sneaking into Karma though the back door with Nikki.
  • Wandering though the streets of New Orleans for Mardi Gras with Nikki, Liza and Rainey.
  • Going topless in Miami during Spring Break.
  • Walking to BP in Nikki’s (too big) clothes and shoes to get Gatorade after a night out with Bridget, Natalie, Tunu, Tiffany and Nikki
  • Dating a local for my last few weeks in Atlanta.












What are your favoriteSpelman/Atlanta memories?







  1. Funny how I share many of the same memories even though I was there a few years before you. The experience is both timeless and priceless. I am hoping my baby girl will choose to attend Spelman as well and will be able to share in the same memories 🙂 Happy Founder’s Day Lola!

  2. aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

    so many good things in this post! but mostly that pic of me and my short hair! i forgot that’s how I ended my atlanta days (“then she cut it all off and she looked like Eve”…thanks kanye). good times in deed. there’s tons more in several cities and countries..that’s the best part.

  3. OK, again more information than I needed! That tutu is funny though, love Tiff’s hair!

    • you dont even want to know what was not on this list!

      but weve all survived and were better because of it. LOVE spelman. so do you. you wish you were a spelman girl 🙂

  4. I certainly would not be who I am today.
    Thanks be to Spelman- that experience taught us well.
    Oh and Ps. Those are most definitely Maia’s sunglasses in that picture. LOL (I remember that night perfectly–one of the best nights before graduation)!

  5. And one more thing– memory #1 is priceless.

  6. After a days consideration – I’m weighing in: Spelman, an experience that definitely feels like yesterday, continues to teach me everyday; I dont know if I could fully comprehend my life without SpelHouse or the entire AUC (rip Morris Brown) as part of my path. Memories I smile at for sure!

  7. Spelman thy name we praise….I LOVE that school. So many memories. Some of the best moments in my life. It made me the woman I am today. I love your PG rated version of events, especially the one about that night out with tunu and bridget. A very tame recollection, but it brought a smile to my face all the same.. Wait wasn’t the local “J” and somehow I remember him being linked to that night. Vintage porsche? anyway thanks for taking me back..LFMFO at the name of your blog..

    • my mom reads this nikki 🙂 otherwise theres so much that could have been on here. so many memories. those were the days. miss them. miss you.

  8. Ok then probably safer that way. definitely .. miss u too

    • we need a pow wow where we can drink wine, laugh and reminisce one of these days.

      and yeah, jay was there that night for a second, after i threw up out the limo, tiffany locked us in the hotel room, dream picked us up, you were out the sunroof and before tiffany and i slept in your bed (most comfy bed ever).

      and i put his pic up in one of my earlier posts. flashback. throwback.

  9. LOL yes!!!.. the sad thing is that only scratches the surface of that night.. I’d love a pow wow. ” I’m beastin the riesling”

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