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is this weight watchers?

In health, Uncategorized on April 7, 2011 at 7:46 pm


When Daniel walked in the  cheese on the spinach lasagna rolls was bubbling in the oven. He asked what was on the menu and I told him.  And he quickly asked, “Is this regular lasagna or Weight Watchers lasagna?”  I wish someone else had seen the look of disappointment when I told him it was Weight Watchers. Well, not exactly but it is from, a blog with recipes that are all given points.

Ask me how many rolls Daniel had. 4. Yes, I said it. 4. Greedy. After he sulked. Sulked because he wasn’t eating Italian in the North End (even though he should have known better from his skinny friend).  But if you ask him what he thought of dinner I am certain that he would say he loved it.  Because it was absolutely delicious.  Let’s see if our next dinner at Daniel’s can top this!

I have to say I recommend the blog because you can feel good about your dinner and enjoy it at the same.


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