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i quit the track

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Once a runner, always a runner. But can one become a runner over time? I don’t know. I  have  been reading a blog written by a woman who is (among other things) a runner. She makes it look so easy. Well, maybe not easy but definitely enjoyable and most importantly – rewarding.

I have been telling myself that I should discipline myself to be a runner and my body will thank me. In my condition and tone class Allison drags us to the track once a week where she pushes us to jog, sprint, shuffle, grapevine and lunge around the track between crunches, push-ups, planks and wall sits. The problem is I hate it. Literally. I dread it the night before and it consumes my last thoughts before I go to bed.

So I quit the track. I told Allison. I refuse. She really motivates me in her other classes but I hate the track so much no one could motivate me. I rather be excited about my workout, look forward to it, enjoy it. I will challenge myself and it will ultimately be better for my body (and my dreams)

I hope Allison doesn’t call me a slacker.

  1. well, that takes care of that!

  2. You’re not a slacker! Actually one of the hardest workers in that class. Ok, we’ll be done with the track for the rest of the year. Seriousally, I was tired of it too.

  3. I am a slack but I sometimes like the track but I sure don’t like those wall sits!

  4. I think part of learning to enjoy running comes from finding the right place to actually do it (and listening to a good playlist of music!). I absolutely love running but hate doing it on a track. You may find it helpful to start off small; try doing a mile outside a couple of times a week. It’s definitely possible to become a runner if your heart is in it 🙂

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