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In health, Uncategorized on March 29, 2011 at 11:14 pm

I went to Allison’s beach body class this afternoon because she mentioned after spinning on Saturday that she would be teaching a step aerobics class.  So 1980s.  If I had a turquoise leotard, leggings, leg-warmers and some high top Reeboks I certainly would have worn them. I was excited for the workout but I walked out thinking, “Damn. No one in beach body is going to have a beach body anytime soon.” The girls in the class were not nearly as competitive as the girls in her condition and tone class (even though Allison has the same energy).

I guess Gabrielle felt the same way because after looking around the room and seeing that the other girls in the class were not enthusiastic she told Allison that we (yes, we) would go to back-to-back classes if Allison promised that we wouldn’t have to run on the track during the next hour. And I agreed to it (when did I become that girl?)

Tuesday is weigh day. I didn’t have time to weigh in when I first arrived at the gym so I snuck in to the locker room between classes. I took off my shoes and got ready to see how close I was to my goal feeling particularly confident because I noticed that my body is toner (than is ever has been) when I walked past the mirror a few days ago.

I lost 9.8 pounds since I set out on this mission and the goal was 10 pounds.

The girls in the locker room giggled when I yelled, “hallelujah” when I stepped on the scale but after months of everyone looking at me like I’m crazy whenever I say I’m on Weight Watchers that’s exactly how I felt.

And Gab and I didn’t do 2 in a row because there weren’t enough bikes for us to do spinning (and you know how much I love spinning).

Only .2 pounds off.  I can live with that.  The journey is definitely not over.  New challenges to come!

  1. I feel the same way about the different classes! Well hopefully we get to spin on Thursday…

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