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eating out: pointless

In health, Uncategorized on March 25, 2011 at 10:26 pm

There was just no way for me to plan ahead this time. I have been asking Di, my classmate from China, to cook me a traditional Chinese meal. Last time I asked he responded, “you were serious?” Of course I was serious. And tonight was the night. Finally.

It smelled good in Di’s kitchen when I walked in.

I don’t recognize the smell but I like it. He opened the freezer and as I peered in and saw the frozen food he said “back up.”

While I was sitting in the kitchen I saw him pour the contents of a bowl into a pot on the stove. Then the smell revealed what was in the pot: eggs. I had to tell him I couldn’t eat that. Damn. I wanted o be experimental but that’s a line I can’t cross. I just can’t. Last time I did (trying to be polite) was a a bad situation.

On the menu:

pork with ginger and garlic

delicious. even though i dont generally eat pork.


and bittern chicken

The amazing thing about the chicken is that it’s cooked in a sauce that is used over and over again. From what I understand its soy based. Di said in his hometown every family has their own sauce with their own ingredients. He said his grandmother’s sauce is older than he is! It is used it over and over again. After cooking chicken or pork in the sauce you strain it and put the sauce in the refrigerator until you are ready to cook it again. Isn’t that unbelivable?

I finally had a real Chinese meal and learned as much as I could about it.

The big question is what will I cook Di as an American Meal?


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