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game night: i need a game plan

In health, Uncategorized on March 12, 2011 at 3:00 pm

I seemed to be enjoying myself at the Celtics game but at the end of the weekend I told my friend Geoff, who was visiting from New York, that he might have to take me to the emergency room.

The night the Celtics played the Lakers was the beginning of the end. Geoff arrived in Boston Thursday night, dressed in all green (that’s not him to my left but if he could find that hat, I assure you he would have it and he would have been wearing it) and ready for the game.  When I asked Geoff if he wanted dinner before heading to TD Garden he said he wanted a hot dog and nachos at the game. Seemed like a good idea to me.  It wasn’t.

After finding our seats and getting settled amongst the obnoxious fans we went out to find something to eat: hot dogs.  Geoff wanted kosher dogs.  Not a bad idea.  When we asked we were told there was a kosher dog vending machine. Vending machine? I was disgusted but intrigued.

When we found the machine there was an energetic man explaining that the hot dogs and buns were frozen until you pressed the red button, at which point they would be lasered. Lasered? Come on. This kept getting better and better: a vending machine that lasers kosher dogs. I peered though the glass of the vending machine as my hot dog was being cooked (well, technically lasered). It didn’t look like anything was happening but a few moments later the light went off and the man opened the door and handed me a hot dog. Hesitating to take the hot dog (that looked like any other hot dog) I asked, “Are you sure they’re good?” He assured me that they were and that if I didn’t like them, I could have my money back. He was right.  It was good. So I bought another. I finished them both before we got back to our seats.

When we were in our seats I looked over at Geoff’s nachos.  You know those nachos with the cheese that isn’t really cheese? Those.  And caught up in the moment they looked appealing to me too.

Tonight I am going to the Wizards game.  And knowing that “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray” I need a plan so I don’t find myself unbuttoning my pants at dinner by the end of the weekend.

Plan A: Eat a healthy, balanced meal so I am not hungry at the game.

Plan B: Pack 99% fat free popcorn and a piece of fruit in my bag (tacky) so I have a snack if I get hungry.

Plan C: Research healthy eating options at Verizon Center.

If all else fails, I will be eating hot dogs and nachos. Yikes.

  1. Do you know the cookie they have in the club room at The Ritz is 1,100 calorie ? I need a game plan. I am taking my que from the hostess. She said “don’t start eating them!” O.K. plan B. My plan (as confirmed with same hostess) get one on the way to airport (they have to go boxes she informed me), that will be my dinner and only available cookie. I plan to share that with my boo, so hopefully I will only have 550 calories ( unless I don’t share). Game plan, check.

  2. you need a workout plan and an eating plan for monday when you get back. actually, ill make the meal plan but you can only eat whats on the plan.

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