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skinny jeans: just for skinny girls?

In health, Uncategorized on March 10, 2011 at 10:04 pm

No matter how skinny I get I am not skinny enough for skinny jeans.

Yesterday’s mission: to buy a pair of skinny jeans (when I should have been preparing for my last midterm).  Every time I wear my wide leg jeans my friend Laura says the exact same thing, “You can’t wear those anymore! We have to find you some skinny jeans.” Well, easier said than done.

Laura and I spent the better half of the afternoon yesterday searching for the perfect pair of jeans.  We went to a boutique on Newbury that had a large selection of jeans and asked the sales girl (sounds so 1960’s) to pull every pair in my size from the shelves.  I tried each and every pair on (in the middle of the dressing room area because the stores policy is that customers can only try one pair on at a time) and left empty handed.

Why is it that I cannot wear skinny jeans? Is it because I am not tall? Is it because I do not have long legs? This failed attempt leaves me wondering am I resigned to wearing wide leg and straight leg jeans?


  1. I am certain as your mother I have an opinion about how you might look in those jeans. This might be the time for you to design skinny jeans for “Black Girls Who Have Considered…….@ the end of trying to fit into skinny jeans”
    skinny jeans or not, you are fabulous!
    Love & Kisses

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