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i want my body back

In health, Uncategorized on March 9, 2011 at 11:12 pm

I wish I could say I began this journey because I wanted to be the healthiest version of myself but really I just wanted my body back.  The first time I heard T.I. say “im 22 and a vet in the game” I felt he was speaking to me: I was 22 and definitely thought I was a vet in the game. I know I cant click my heels and go back to 22 (if I could, I would) but I can be the absolute best 29.

Before I went to college I remember hearing about girls and the “freshman 15” but my freshman year I quickly lost 15 pounds (on a diet I certainly cannot endorse in 2011) so I didnt know what to do when I realized I had gained 10 pounds when I started my graduate program.

When I went home for winter break my mother was doing weight watchers. She was attending meetings, weighing in and trying to reach her weight loss goal. I didnt want to count points but she made me (if you know my mom you know its true).  But now I’m planning my meals for each and every day. And its kind of fun. Damn. Maybe I should think about how to get my 22 life back too.

Since I have been back in Boston I started a condition and tone class at the gym and have tried incorporating new workouts into my routine.

I already lost 5 of the 10 pounds!

More importantly, i have also learned to cook healthy meals (my future husband and kids will thank me one day) and workout (my future husband will thank me every day) and I am on the way to be the best version of myself.

Come along on this journey and maybe in the process you’ll be a healthier version of yourself before you know it!

  1. Go Lo! Work it Out! Literally. So excited to ready your journey to getting your body back. 🙂

  2. You did it!!!! So glad you did. I will be a faithful follower. Yours in point counting, Lauren

  3. Thanks for the shout outr the “put on blast (I thinks that’s what you call it)! “I want my body back” is the Mantra! The 20 somethings may have a little easier time finding it than the fab and 50s. But it’s worth the fight! Ok girly, since you went hog wild with it…inspire us!!!!!!!!!!!You are fab!!!
    Love & kisses
    p.s. one should always listen to their mom (like writing a blog)

  4. Go Lola! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am so proud of you…

  5. Only if all of us could gain 10 lbs and still be a size zero! 😉 You always look fabulous to me. And now you’re on your way to becoming a gourmet chef, work out queen, and communications major. Weather you like it or not I say you’re new lifestyle is helping you become your healthiest version – mind, body and soul. Keep it up!!! xx

  6. This is my new fav. I’m SO trying to get my body back. Or actually just trying to get it to a new place all together. It’s SO overdue. Too bad i forever love cheese fries. Anyway I can do it. You’re my motivation. Let’s go.

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